Sustainability Report – Global Reporting Initiative

Sustainability Report – Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Sustainability as a fundamental principle of our actions

In the face of growing social and environmental challenges, we at Drescher Consulting are increasingly aware of our responsibility towards the environment, society and our employees. As a consulting company, we have the opportunity to actively shape a more sustainable future in order to counteract climate change. Therefore our motivation is to empower our clients through targeted services in the development of sustainability strategies and to identify positive long-term solutions. Thanks to our accreditation as a sustainable organization, we are well positioned for future-oriented strategic cooperation in the implementation of sustainability goals.

In addition to our services, we have recognized that our internal processes need to reflect our commitment to sustainable development. The topic of sustainability is therefore firmly anchored in the corporate culture of Drescher Consulting GmbH and integrated as a process in the company management. We have been addressing this topic in our internal “Sustainability” function since 2018. This function checks our processes for improvements in terms of sustainable development. We define sustainability as the creation of long-term improvements that meet today’s needs while conserving the human, natural and organizational resources required in the future. In addition to donations and internal support programs, our voluntary sustainability report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a further step towards fulfilling our responsibility and transparency towards our stakeholders.

This sustainability report shows how Drescher Consulting GmbH deals with environmental issues in order to move towards a more sustainable world.


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