Organizational Development

Organizational Development

We help you to implement targeted changes for your organization and employees to flexibly meet the challenges of a constantly changing world.

  • Our systemic counseling combines the three key aspects Change, People and Organization.

  • We stand for the holistic support of organizational and human change, from analysis and planning to sustainable implementation.

  • The cross-industry and cross-functional experience of our consultants enables us to handle challenges from a practical approach with customized tools. Thereby, we always work on an eye-to-eye level with our clients.

An unpredictable and complex working environment challenges people and organizations



Our mission

Our ambition is to support our customers during their development into a future-proof organization in which innovation, collaboration and continuous growth are the focus. We work with you to develop your organization and employees through targeted transformation and competency enhancement. In this way, we meet the challenges of a constantly changing world and ensure that your company is fit for the future.





An overview of our consulting services


Your benefit with Drescher Consulting

  • We see change as an opportunity for optimal growth of the organization and its employees, both for our clients and for ourselves.
  • Agile organizational forms, digital collaboration, empowerment and collective knowledge are our DNA, within our company and for our clients.
  • Consultants from the specialized fields of business psychology, communication and economic sciences with cross-industry and cross-functional experience are able to address tasks in a hands-on approach.
  • We don’t just develop concepts, we always get our topics operationally across the finish line.