Strategy Implementation with Hoshon Kanri

Successful strategy anchoring with “Hoshin Kanri”

“Hoshin Kanri” is an approach for consequent planning and agile implementation
of strategic initiatives.

Guidelines for strategy implementation.

Successful strategy anchoring.

“Hoshin Kanri” is a leadership principle for strategy and goal achievement.

Also known as policy development, management by planning or policy deployment, “Hoshin Kanri” prioritizes
strategic goals and directs the entire organization accordingly.

Based on the strategic relevant goals, “Hoshin Kanri” establishes a strategy plan, which is:

  • transparent
  • measurable and
  • aligned.

Thereby, “Hoshin Kanri” ensures that goals are communicated, understood and monitored on all management levels.


Target definition: FAST beats SMART

To successfully implement the corporate strategy in a dynamic business world, SMART targets are no longer sufficient. “Hoshin Kanri” follows the FAST principle.

F: Frequently discussed
Targets should be discussed in regular reviews.

A: Ambitious
Targets should be difficult, but not impossible to achieve.

S: Specific
Targets should be measurable.

T: Transparent
Targets and the current achievement of targets should be accessible to all employees.


How does “Hoshin Kanri” work?

“Hoshin Kanri” expands strategy in 5 steps:


What is the added value of “Hoshin Kanri”?

Target cascading. Transparency. Agility.

Target cascading
Within the scope of target cascading, department goals are harmonized with corporate goals. The catch ball process ensures that goals are accepted and filled out bottom-up.

Goals and the current achievement of goals become accessible to all employees. The X-Matrix transforms breakthrough goals into annual targets, activities and resources. With the help of bowling charts and reviews, regular control is achieved using KPIs.

Goals and their development are continuously oriented to the dynamic environment. “Hoshin Kanri” follows the FAST principle and evaluates activities and results according to their success.


What are our services?

Comprehensive approach: analyze, transform, implement.

We analyze your vision and support you in developing strategic goals that will significantly enhance your business.

We transform your strategic goals into specific measures, responsibilities and metrics.

We break down your strategic goals and support you in the horizontal and vertical strategy implementation.