Strategy Management

Strategy Management

Together with you, we design effective strategies and ensure their successful implementation in your organization.

  • The DCG strategy management provides a comprehensive framework that ensures consistent alignment and effective implementation.

  • We cover the strategy process in a holistic approach: from strategic analysis to strategy development.

  • Strategies fail in their implementation. To avoid this, we ensure operationalization and sustainable effectivity in your organization through our Strategy Execution approach.


Strategic decisions determine the future of every company

Strategy work is becoming increasingly important and necessary. Technological, economic, political and social conditions are changing faster and faster and with greater amplitudes. A linear continuation of steady growth as a goal for the future is no longer sufficient. Every company must question and (re)position itself strategically repeatedly. Therefore, it is essential to have a reliable and effective navigation system: The strategy.


Our consulting approach on strategy management

Based on the experience of numerous strategy projects both in corporate groups and in mid-sized companies, from the Supervisory Board to the Operative, as well as our continuous (also scientific) expertise work internally, we can offer a sector-independent, broad portfolio of strategy consulting. ​ Strategies are only effective if they are implemented in the organization as a guideline for actions. Therefore, the interaction of the strategy with your corporate values, culture and assets is an especially important factor for us.
Our strategy toolbox contains all relevant phases of the strategy process. At the beginning of our project, we will identify the relevant key points together with you.


Strategic analysis
Strategic analysis is about understanding. This is achieved by performing an assessment of market, competition and the own company (internal analysis). In addition to standard market and competitor analyses, we use our DCG Business Model Assessment for this purpose.


  • Market
  • Competition
  • Internal Analysis

Strategy development
Based on the assessment of the current situation, a company specific strategy can now be developed. Through this and the combination of the management’s foresight and the leadership team’s perspective, clarity and direction are created.


Vision & Mission
  • Reason of existence
  • Values
  • Positioning
  • Options
  • Assesment
  • Decision
  • Business model
  • Customer benefits
  • Services
  • Revenue
  • Strategic goals
  • Breakthrough goals
  • Directional clarity
  • Together with you, we shape the strategy in a way that ensures both the essential competitive advantage on the market and the feasibility in the organization. We verify the interplay between strategy and business model or work out and evaluate the necessary adjustments together, using methods such as the Balanced Score Card, Business Model Canvas and Hoshin Kanri.

    Strategy Execution
    After successfully developing a strategy, the sustainable implementation is essential. For this, an established method for strategy work and for a systematic management process is important. We recommend a hybrid approach through the ideal combination of the Hoshin Kanri and OKR methods. This ensures a transparent, measurable and coordinated strategy plan with consistent goal orientation and with clear responsibilities anchored cross-functionally. The operationalization of the targets as well as the necessary dynamic adaptability is ensured by our agile total strategy management approach.


    Strategic key figures
  • Performance measurement
  • Management Reporting
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Involvement
  • Responsibility
  • Planning process
  • Operationalization
  • Implementation
  • Review and adjustment
  • Team contribution