The management of Drescher Consulting introduces itself

Stefan Drescher

Managing Director and Founder of Drescher Consulting | Corporate strategy, sales and controlling

Why should you apply to Drescher Consulting as a future employee? With us, you have the opportunity to co-design a striving company and to contribute to the vision, strategy, values and solutions in a constructive way. There are many exciting projects to develop your know-how and personality. You will find a positive atmosphere created by open-minded colleagues who also meet in private. Moreover, we offer a fair salary, far above the level of medium-sized companies.

What is special about Drescher Consulting and what distinguishes it from other consultancies?
First of all, the linkage of our key services consulting, project management and academy. Methodical approaches, practical experiences and a constant knowledge transfer enable our consultants not only to rely on best practices, but also to rethink and develop new approaches. In addition to that, a positive corporate culture that values sustainability and long-term corporate success is also essential to us.

Dr. Ralph John

Managing Director | Strategy, leadership, coaching & moderation | joined Drescher Consulting in February 2020

Why did you choose Drescher Consulting?
As an external consultant and coach, I have had the opportunity to accompany the transformation process of Drescher Consulting over the last 2 years and I see unique selling propositions. Drescher Consulting represents a maximum focus on competence. The few important current issues are managed in a competent and pragmatic way for the customer. The size of the company allows a flat network organization. Achievements are celebrated together, without any signs of departmental egoism. DCG success is customer success, everyone works on exciting projects and all in-house performance processes are trimmed for maximum efficiency and target orientation. Despite its successes, DCG is down-to-earth and humble which perfectly fits my image of a customer-oriented management consultancy.

What are your goals with Drescher Consulting?
We aim to be an expert for our customers in a few current topics, such as our hybrid approach for strategy consulting that consists of the methods “Hoshin Kanri” and “OKR”. We want to offer our customers a powerful partnership with an optimal price-performance relation and sustainable solutions. For our business clients, our goal is to be the niche consultancy for explicit consulting services such as strategy management and supply chain security. In addition, we have set ourselves the goal to become the first choice for topics such as re-balancing of companies, business model assessments and strategy consulting in Baden-Württemberg’s medium-sized enterprises.

Arun Amirthalingam

Managing Consultant | Quality of purchased parts, quality management in pre-series| joined Drescher Consulting in July 2012

What inspires you about Drescher Consulting?
Many exciting projects, the spirit and the corporate culture, the flat hierarchies and our friendly as well as competent colleagues.

Why do you like working at Drescher Consulting and what do you think makes the company so special?
At Drescher Consulting I appreciate the opportunity to participate in shaping, the appreciation as well as the recognition of the work done.
We are a young company with ambition and versatile competencies. We live flexibility and mobility. Drescher Consulting is a company, that continuously develops its employees, for instance through the academy, coaching, knowledge transfer and tech-nights.

Jochen Kapp

Senior Managing Consultant | Quality management| Auditor for VDA 6.3, IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and LPA | joined Drescher Consulting in April 2017

What has been your most exciting project at Drescher Consulting so far?
My most exciting project to date is one of the flagship projects of Drescher Consulting. For a new premium brand, I was responsible for safeguarding the purchased parts for the components of a V8 motor. In addition to the development of a new national quality standard, I was also able to carry out potential analyses, samplings and audits for international suppliers. The highlight was the presentation of the vehicle at an influential motor show.

Which work methods can be found at Drescher Consulting and how is a new project approached?
At Drescher Consulting you will find a fresh and motivated way of working – collegial cooperation is our lived culture.
We start new projects with our specially designed project management tools. These tools offer both our consultants and our customers the necessary framework to successfully manage projects – from small to large.

Timo Sauter

Managing Consultant | launch management automotive, purchase part quality, quality management in pre-series | joined Drescher Consulting in February 2012

As a long-time employee, what do you appreciate about DCG? What is special about DCG?
I appreciate the team spirit at DCG. Working here has always felt to me a bit like being at home, the colleagues like a family. As the youngest member of the management team, I can still remember how strongly we were and are involved as a team in developing the vision and the goals and initiatives derived from it. Looking back at the two COVID years has also shown how strategically strong DCG is. Products and main topics have been adapted to future market developments and requirements with a very high reaction speed. This has made us all very proud! In all this, the topic of sustainability with all its dimensions and stakeholders has long been close to the company’s heart. We take care of each other, the company, and our environment, that is very important to me.

What has been the biggest challenge so far at Drescher Consulting?
My biggest challenge so far is my current project. The content is the purchased part and production quality from the customer’s point of view, for three vehicle launches of an OEM from the premium segment at the location of the body supplier. The central task here is to ensure that the purchased and in-house part suppliers carry out advance quality planning in line with the status, that maturity assurance is guaranteed or carried out in accordance with group specifications, that the scope of supply reaches series production capability at the required time and that integration into the plant is supported. Tools used here are VDA, Automotive Core Tools, APQP, in addition to a healthy mix of traditional and agile project management. On the other hand, the task is to perform interface management between customer and body suppliers with focus on audit and production quality and to represent the customer in all previously mentioned topics with responsibility for results in management and top management meetings. For this purpose we have a project team consisting of work residents and quality planners at two locations.

Ulrich Edelmann

Managing Consultant | Finance & M&A background, focus on business development & strategy management, digital business models and product solutions, innovation management, company building, digitalization and software development | joined Drescher Consulting in May 2023

In which field do you currently see the most significant challenges and the greatest potential for our customers?
The biggest challenges and potentials for our customers currently lie very clearly in the digital transformation, where Germany still needs to catch up. In addition, there are environmental and sustainability issues and the associated enormous cost increases in terms of energy costs, raw materials, etc. Overall, the political, social and economic environment and the general economic conditions have developed very dynamically over the last three years. Corona was followed by the Ukraine crisis combined with an energy price shock and high inflation, which present major challenges for Germany as an industrial location. The major challenge for our customers is to adapt to the constantly changing conditions as well as to drive forward digitalization. This creates a great need for action – but German companies still have immense potential thanks to their extensive technical and engineering expertise, good entrepreneurial mentality and, last but not least, their high-quality products.

What excites you at Drescher Consulting?
At Drescher Consulting, I am especially enthusiastic about our customer and implementation-oriented work. We try to offer the best possible solution in terms of a good results for the customer. The customer is supported during implementation and realization and not left alone with recommendations for action. In addition, working together as a team with colleagues is great fun and we work with a lot of passion, openly, purposefully and with support at all times.

Ronja Kaiser

Senior Consultant | Organizational Development | joined Drescher Consulting in September 2020

What do you associate with DCG?
For me, DCG is a working family. Here you can participate and contribute to the further development of the company. You know where the company is heading: There is transparency about the goals, and you have the feeling that you can contribute to a long-term strategy. The company makes sure that employees are doing well. There is plenty of „cold water“, but there is always support to learn how to swim. The personal growth of each individual is supported. I was able to experience this for myself: Starting out as an intern, I am now proud to be part of the management team. For me, DCG is a company that connects great people and lives by corporate values that I also share in my private life.

What motivates you in your work for customers?
Customer orientation is a top priority at DCG. For me, this means fulfilling customers’ requirements in the best possible way, but above all helping customers to recognize what is best for them and their projects. That’s fun – going beyond the requirements to turn a project into your own project, providing inspiration, finding solutions, and deriving optimizations. The field of organizational development consulting offers every opportunity for this: The projects have plenty of room for creativity and are close to the people. And it’s a good feeling to be able to help customers.

Manfred Hick

Managing Consultant | Supply Chain Management, Project Management | joined Drescher Consulting in June 2022