What does sustainability mean to us?

For us, sustainability means socially responsible management that goes beyond legal requirements on a voluntary basis and is based on four pillars of sustainability as the basic orientation of our core business. Our sustainability report shows how Drescher Consulting deals with environmental issues in order to move towards a more sustainable world.


Responsibility towards employees, customers and society. We offer a flexible and modern working environment with low level of hierarchies that supports the needs of our employees. For example, mobile working is a voluntary standard and there is no obligation to be present in the office. We also offer a range of DCG benefits in the areas of transportation, career & professional development, health, finance and old-age insurance. To strengthen the team spirit, we organize monthly events such as a company run, a wine tasting or a summer event. In addition to our internal activities, we also give back to society. For example, we regularly donate to the “Sankt Martin Kinderhospiz”.


Responsibility towards our environment. We are constantly working to make DCG more environmentally friendly through new innovations. For example, we have already been sourcing electricity from renewable sources since 2017, we do not use PET bottles in the office, and we source sustainable and fair-trade coffee. Furthermore, we will write our first GRI Sustainability Report in 2023, in which we will present and reflect on our sustainability strategies and performance.


Responsibility to the company. In the ever-changing world of work, it is important for us to manage the balance between efficiency and stability, while at the same time accelerating innovation within the framework of ambidextry and being profitable in the process. In parallel, a part of the profit is passed on to our employees to let them share in our success as a company.


Sustainable orientation of the organizational structure and processes as a requirement for sustainable management. Our goal is to be a consulting company that designs its internal processes sustainably. This knowledge is also to be communicated in consulting projects in order to contribute to sustainable products and processes.

Our Sustainability Team: Bercin, Sina, Selina, Jochen