What does sustainability mean to us?

For us, sustainability means socially responsible management that goes beyond legal requirements on a voluntary basis and is based on four pillars of sustainability as the basic orientation of our core business:

  • People: Responsibility towards our employees, customers and society
  • Planet: Responsibility towards our environment
  • Profit: Responsibility towards the company (the continued existence of the company as a prerequisite for sustainable management)
  • Pattern: Sustainable alignment of the organizational structure and processes (as a prerequisite for sustainable management)

Where are we going?

Our goal is to be a consulting company that shapes its internal process in a sustainable way and communicates this knowledge in its consulting projects, to make our contribution to sustainable products and processes.

What has already been implemented?

„Living sustainability“ starts in everyday life. To become more sustainable…

  • We drink ecological & fair-traded coffee in the office.
  • We are purchasing green electricity from regional hydropower.
  • We do without PET bottles for the most part and use a water dispenser instead.
  • We promote the health of our employees by providing fresh fruits
  • Etc.