Use Case 1

Use Case 1: Strategy Execution in the SME environment

 „Individual targets will not win championships”

Initial Situation:

In the case of our client, a market research institute, the ongoing pandemic led to a decrease in sales, short-time work, lost customer relationships and blocked sales channels. Despite all, the desire to strategically counteract was clearly visible. However, there was a lack of methodological knowledge to effectively stabilize the company.


The management therefore trusted our expertise as well as the OKR and Hoshin Kanri methodology to get the organization back on track with just a few goals for the next 5 years. Applying this approach, special focus is placed on systematic and transparent management across all employees in order to implement the change in the best way possible. In frequent, brief workshops with the management, the method was developed in accordance with the X-Matrix. The result: five significant breakthrough goals, converted into quantified and thus tangible annual targets.

We were impressed how consequently the management adapted to the method, also in terms of mindset and terminology. The entire company was involved in a general meeting, implementation teams were set up according to priorities and equipped with pragmatic planning and control tools. Just recently, there was a retrospective in which it was once again emphasized how clear the company’s course is and how ambitiously everyone is steering towards the set goals. This kind of confirmation of our work always makes us proud and happy at the same time.