Product Management

Product Management

We develop a customer-oriented and successful product management in cooperation with you

  • Together, we align your product portfolio customer- and VUCA-oriented

  • We consult you in conception and optimization of your product portfolio provided that all relevant questions of quality and sustainability are considered

  • Our consultants have many years of experience in product compliance processes in various industries and develop the best possible solutions according to your requirements


Securing competitive advantages and offer customer value

  • Product management is the basis of existence for every company, no products – no sales
  • New sales potentials and sales growth can only be realized with product management
  • Planning, management and control of products and the product portfolio are therefore essential


Manage your product portfolio effectively

Changes in the market, in competition, with customers or suppliers as well as the continuous use of new (digitization) technologies require a consistent adaption and pursuit of the product strategy.


Overview of our services

  • Market entry strategies
  • Market analysis
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Product program planning
  • Creation of profitability analysis and evaluations
  • Benchmark
  • Product and market data analysis


The Drescher Consulting approach

We compare your objectives and the current situation in close cooperation with you. We reveal your options to increase the product success in your product management / in your product portfolio and develop action plans together. To implement your project successfully and to permanently offer a high quality, we equip each project with our established integrated project management.

When it is time for the development, we handle all our projects with our integrated project management. We provide the right framework to manage a successful project.


Your advantage with Drescher Consulting

We manage product projects throughout the entire life cycle. Due to our many years of experience in the automotive industry, we know every step of the product development process up to after sales, recycling and second life concepts. In co-operation with you, we develop a concept that meets your requirements.