Fulfil customer requirements with PPAP and PPF

Do you want to ensure product quality and fulfillment of all requirements? Then the execution of sampling is indispensable.

Since 1998, the German automotive industry has required its suppliers to provide samples of series parts in the form of production process and product release (PPF in german Produktionsprozess- und Produktfreigabe) in accordance with VDA Volume 2. With the help of the PPF process, the supplier provides evidence before the start of series production that the customer requirements and other requirements agreed in the specifications are met. The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) defines requirements of a general nature for production process and product approval, including process-related products. Establish a structured procedure in your company for the evaluation and approval of processes and products. Meet necessary customer requirements and guarantee the highest quality of your delivered products.



  • Classification of PPAP and PPF in quality management and mutual differentiation of the two sampling procedures
  • Goal, purpose and areas of application of PPAP and PPF
  • PPAP and PPF templates
  • Procedure of the PPAP and PPF
  • Requirements for the PPAP and PPF processes


Our goal –  your benefit

  • Qualification of your employees for the evaluation and acceptance of processes and products of a supplier according to the current standards of the automotive industry
  • Imparting essential knowledge for carrying out a sampling and the correct preparation of the necessary documentation
  • Each practical course is individually adapted to your needs

You can book this training with us as a face-to-face event or as an online event.


We accompany you not only during the qualification, but also during the active execution of a sampling:

  • We support you on site or in the background in planning your sampling, define dates, requirements, submission stages, … with you – whether as a customer or supplier
  • We advise you throughout the entire sampling process, track deadlines and measures, and prepare qualified status reports for you
  • We assist you with the sampling documentation, check your results and discuss them with you and, if necessary, with your customers
  • We evaluate the results with you or on your behalf, prepare release reports, agree on actions in case of violated customer requirements and initiate re-sampling if necessary


Are you interested in training or in conducting a sampling? Then contact us!