APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning)

Carry out advanced quality planning with APQP

Do you want to avoid risks occurring in the pre-production and production series? Then we recommend advanced quality planning using APQP.

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is an approach to plan even large projects with foresight, to control them precisely in terms of scheduling and costs, and to cancel them if success cannot be guaranteed. In our training course, you will learn how to independently implement the APQP method for advance quality planning. Use this approach to identify potential failures even before the start of production. In this way, create a continuous cost- and time-optimized chain from the subcontractor to the customer.



  • What is the purpose of APQP?
  • What distinguishes APQP from other quality management systems?
  • What is a phase and what is a milestone of APQP?
  • Which methods and tools should be used with APQP?
  • Practical introduction on the basis of a continuous case study


Your benefit

  • Compact introduction to the understanding of APQP
  • Qualification of your employees for the foresighted planning and execution of projects according to APQP
  • Qualification of your employees for the preparation of notes for practical application (production control plan)
  • Each training is individually adapted to your wishes.

You can book this training with us as a face-to-face event or as an online event.

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