Organizational Consulting and Restructuring

Organizational Consulting and Restructuring

Optimization of your organization in terms of radically outcome-oriented evaluation of value flows

  • Action rather than reaction – proactively shaping and developing difficult situations

  • Experienced restructuring consultants analyze the performance of your business activities

  • We develop new sales channels, business models and identify further development needs in close cooperation with you


Restructuring means re-balancing

  • The goal of any company during a crisis is to ensure liquidity and profitability
  • The order of the day is to survive and to critically examine the cost structure
  • In times of COVID-19, the re-balancing of the dimensions price, placement, product and publicity is necessary


Our consulting services at a glance

  • On-site analysis of the management system and the target system of the company and optimization of the company’s focus (method: “Hoshin Kanri”)
  • Examination of the consistency and assertiveness of the control processes regarding results (method: “OKR”)
  • Preparation of cost and liquidity analyses during a crisis to obtain subsidies / KfW loans
  • Analysis of marketability, bottlenecks, performance of the service portfolio and distribution channels


The Drescher Consulting approach

  • State analysis of cost and revenue structure
  • Analysis of liquidity planning and establishment of a cash office, which constitutes a function to maximize company liquidity
  • Change management for a liquidity- and profitability-oriented business process reengineering which includes evaluation of all company activities on EBIT and liquidity contribution
  • Examination of the process performance based on criteria of target contribution, process quality and requirement conformity
  • Development of alternative sales channels and corporate services in terms of new business models
  • Evaluation and prognosis of the organization’s performance including development needs


Rely on expert knowledge and leadership qualities

  • Provision of expert knowledge on goal-oriented corporate management in terms of “OKR” and “Hoshin Kanri” by experienced restructuring consultants
  • Consistent evaluation of target and value contribution of all company activities, to answer the question “where do I see the contribution in the P&L and on the bank account”
  • Insertion of leadership qualities, commercial, technical and logistical expertise
  • Sensitivity in working with people in the sense of taking along and change management


Extract of our project references

  • Turn around management for a biodiesel producer and distributor
  • Liquidity analysis for a service company
  • Analysis of top cost blocks and generation of cost saving potentials and alternative revenue streams
  • Market and needs analyses and short-term development of new service portfolios